Issue #1 - you made it 😎

Truth, Hustle, and the Founder Way

Welcome to Founders’ Hustle Issue #1!

Hello! Welcome 👋

Martin here, producer of Founders’ Hustle. Welcome to Issue #1!

Okay — it may not be as cool as Action Comics Issue #1 (the first appearance of Superman where he picks up a crazy heavy 30s car and smashes it into a rock on the front cover!). But… the Man of Steel didn’t become an international superstar overnight. He couldn’t even fly at first! 😛

You’re receiving this email because you subscribed to this brand new newsletter — produced exclusively for founders and aspiring founders.

Thank you for that 🙏

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been busy planning a comprehensive content roadmap that I’m excited to share with you.

So stay tuned because I will be tackling topics that address the entire spectrum of founding and building a startup, with input from myself plus other founders and talented people. All produced with the objective of helping you win. 💪

To whet your appetite I will share highlights of upcoming content with you below...

About me

At this point you may be wondering who I am!

Well, you know my name is Martin but maybe I should’ve opened with a bio. 😅

Well, here’s a brief intro on me and what led me to starting this newsletter:

I’ve been founding and building B2B and B2C businesses for over 10 years. Two of them I exited after building them up to yield multimillion dollar revenue.

At the first company I cofounded we built a website that became among the most visited in the world (top 1,000 oh yeah 😉) within 18 months of launch. And, my last company grew from $0 to a $4m+ run rate in its first year. Others projects pivoted or shuttered - booo 😤

Learnings from all of these ventures has been invaluable and I will share my personal experiences (good and bad!) regularly in this newsletter.

You know, those juicy and unfiltered ‘how the sausage was made’ stories that are generally the most interesting (or entertaining!).

And, I’ve not thrown in the towel. Just getting started, in fact. I’ve recently founded a B2C company so I’m right by your side building on the frontline. ⚒

Since I live and breath the struggle every day it means some of the newsletters I’ll share will be inspired by current events or conversations I’ve had.

If you’d like a more in depth summary on me, feel free to checkout my LinkedIn profile. I keep it fairly detailed 🤓

Important Note: I don't pretend to have all the answers and there are tonnes of founders out there that are much smarter and more experienced than me.

That’s why I’ve made it an ongoing personal hobby to network with as many founders as I can to broaden my knowledge and intellect. Their experiences and input will be shared here too!

Ultimately, I think of this is a medium to provoke thought, create conversation and share ideas and experiences around founding and building companies.

It’s not about preaching the ‘ten commandments of entrepreneurship’ since everyone’s individual situation is unique and I believe the best approach is to take what you need from a diverse range of inputs and curate your own approach that suits you.

I'm using a combination of the personal knowledge baseline and network I've developed over the years as a framework to guide the content of the newsletter.

Plus, I’ll try my best to keep this lighthearted and easily digestible too. Hence the use of GIFS. 😝

Why I started Founders’ Hustle

Part of the reason I started this newsletter is because founding a company can be an isolating experience.

Whether you’re a single founder or part of a team, founders often exist in a bubble cognitively detached from anyone not involved with their 'struggle' on a day-to-day basis. External support can manifest in restricted, inconsistent, transactional and conflicting ways.  

Lets improve this!

There are thousands of founders around the world just like yourself. I am one of them. The objectives we’re pursuing may differ but the core struggle is the same. To win. To succeed. To defy the odds.​ 

The mission of Founders’ Hustle is to make every founder who subscribes feel less isolated day-to-day and instead feel more empowered with data, insight and productivity help. To arm you. To push you. To support you. 

Launching now... Founders’ Hustle will deliver actionable and motivational content in bitesize chunks so you can extract what you need and get back to building ASAP.

Upcoming content:

- 'Founder hacks' that will make you noticeably more productive.

- Avoid killing your next great idea at the point of genesis.

- Closing your first B2B sales with no network.

- Do you have an unfair advantage? (and how to get it)

- Seeding a B2C product with zero marketing budget.

- Scaling from early adopters to a broader customer profile.

+ lots more!

My goal is to build this into an active community that will evolve with feedback from subscribers. So let's build a cool resource together ⚒

Look forward to connecting with ya’ll 😎

Lets do this,


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