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Being a founder can be a lonely place. Whether you’re a single founder or part of a team, founders often exist in a bubble cognitively detached from family, friends, and generally anyone outside the group.

That need not be the case. There are thousands of founders around the world. I am one of them. The dreams we’re chasing may differ but the core struggle is the same. To win. To succeed. To defy the odds.

The mission of Founders’ Hustle is to make every founder who subscribes feel less isolated and instead feel empowered with knowledge, insight and psychological help. To arm you. To push you. To support you.

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  • 💪 Actionable insights. Tangible observations and essays across the entire spectrum of early stage company building. Enhance and uncover blindspots in your approach to product, team building, go-to-market, and fundraising methodologies and strategies.

  • 🗣 Insider knowledge. Firsthand experience from myself and other founders. Achieve your goals faster. Avoid costly mistakes. Learn in minutes what it has taken other founders millions of dollars worth of investment and years worth of company and network building to figure out.

  • 😇 Wellbeing. Founding and building companies is a marathon not a sprint. Keeping your physical and mental wellbeing in check is essential. It’s typically hard to do this without help and founders often find it hard to open up to those close to them - either professionally or personally. Our goal is to help you achieve balance, calm and sustainability.

  • 👊 Motivation. Whether you’re on a high or low on any given day, Founders’ Hustle will give you a boost. Like your personal coach radiating positive energy ringside. When it feels like the whole world is against you, we’ve got your back.

About me

I’ve been founding and building companies for just over 10 years. Two of them I exited after building them up to yield multimillion dollar revenue. Others pivoted or shuttered.

The companies I’ve founded are not specific to any one industry or niche but instead a range of markets with both B2B to B2C business models. This experience empowers me with a unique lense with which to assess and approach startup opportunities.

Learnings from all of these ventures has been invaluable and I will share my personal experiences (good and bad!) regularly in this newsletter.

You know, those juicy and unfiltered ‘how the sausage was made’ stories that are generally the most interesting (or entertaining!).

And, I’ve not thrown in the towel. Just getting started, in fact. I’ve recently founded a B2C company so I’m right by your side building on the frontline. ⚒

If you’d like a more in-depth summary on me, feel free to checkout my LinkedIn profile. I keep it fairly detailed 🤓

Look forward to connecting with ya’ll 😎